Wednesday, December 19th, 2018



Greenlight Luxury Sport & Leisure
This beautifully crafted show, filmed in 4K, takes the viewer into the glamorous world of the luxury yacht. From the $1 million to the budget is no limit superyacht, the show explores them all. Profiling some of the world’s best shipyards, designers and ship builders we discover the latest trends in design, technology and ship building. Duration: 13 x 23mins Air date: 2016 Genre: Documentary, Sailing, Lifestyle View trailer HERE Rights: Inflight   ...
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What Colour is Your Dog?

Bouldercreek Science
So your dog is in a blue mood? Is your pooch seeing red? Hollywood dog trainer and Animal Planet’s Good Dog U host, Joel Silverman, presents his ground-breaking colour-coding technique, developed over his thirty-year career training dogs for him, TV, and commercials. By determining the personality or colour of an owner’s dog, he is able to recognize and then enhance that dog’s behaviour, and help owners get their canine relationships back on track. Duration: 52 x 30mins  2014   Trailer: For all licensing enquiries and screener, please contact us at: ...
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Tales from the Two Puddings

Movies Music Ship of Life Society
The 1960s heyday of a legendary East End pub. The Two Puddings pub on Stratford Broadway in London’s East End was famed for its rowdy camaraderie, its loud live music, its dancefloor the Devil’s Kitchen (possibly the UK’s first disco), and its occasional outbreaks of fighting. A few miles from the swinging West End of the 1960s, the Two Puddings attracted customers from across the East End and beyond: workers from factories and offices, sportsmen, writers and musicians all drank and danced here. The Two Puddings was the pub where the writer of “The Long Good Friday” got his inspiration; ...
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