The Smart Money Woman

The Smart Money Woman

- in English

Meet Zuri. She is living a fabulous life. Great car, gorgeous apartment, well paid job. Meet Zuri. Broken down car, an apartment she can’t afford, a job she is about to lose.

What is a broke girl to do? With her best friends, Tami (the fashion designer), Lara (the tough oil and gas executive), Adesuwa ( the conservative lawyer), and Ladun ( the fabulous housewife), Zuri grows a little, learns a lot and navigates her way to making better financial descicions and building wealth. 

This show tackles debt, spending, the consumerist culture of the African middle class, the fear and misconceptions surrounding money and the lack of it, love, friendships, cultural and societal pressures and the roles they play in success.

With each episode comes a Smart Money Lesson, there to help you work your way up the financial ladder.

Episode 1: Broke

Back from vacation, Zuri arrives to news that he ex, Olumide is engaged to a governor’s daughter and financial obligations and can’t afford.

Episode 2: Money Fears

With so much on her plate, Zuri seeks financial assistance from her relatives. She also tries to get closure by agreeing to go on a date with Olumide.

Episode 3: Track Your Expenses

Zuri confronts her noney probelms and finally lets her friends know the gravity of the situation. She makes major changes to her financial habits, including cutting back on unncessessary spending.

Episode 4: Debt

Lara’s frenemy Banke throws an elaborate birthday party for their son, despite the desperate straits they are in

Episode 5: Surviving Emergencies

A narrow escape at work gives Zuri a major wake up call, leading to some uncomfortable and illuminating realisations. She trhows her hat into the ring for a new task to prove her competence to her boss.

Episode 6: Money Cleanse

Despite her fears and obstacles to her latest task Zuri excels and does her team proud. She coerces Tami into a frugal spa day and encourages her to take her business seriously.

Episode 7: Money Story

Zuri visits her hometown Benin City, to see her mum after an accident. She has her first real conversation with Tsola at the airport lounge, and gets some good advice.

Episode 8: Billions, Blessers & Chanel Bags

Bobby invites the girsl on a night out; and Tami inadvertently revels the source of some of Lara’s more expensive gifts; Adesuma grapples with the truth.

Episode 9: Spending Triggers

Zuri makes progress on her new fiscal choices and finally agrees to a date with Tsola.

Episode 10: The Will

Ladun’s father-in-law dies and a major scandal is uncovered. It is a rude awakening for the group.

Episode 11: Investment Strategy

Adesuwa gets some major wins at work but her relationship with Soji worsens considerably.

Episode 12: Love & Money

Zuri pitches a bold new idea to her boss and she gets management approval. She goes out to celebrate with her friends and Tsola does something pretty romantic.

Episode 13: Who Is A Smart Money Woman

Adesuwa gets the shock of her life when she is locked our of her account.

Duration:  8 x 50mins

Genre:  Drama, Lifestyle

Rights: Inflight & Transportation – Worldwide

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