A Mini Adventure

The adventure of a lifetime which started with a newspaper ad, brought three local men on a 14,000 mile odyssey


Africa Fusion

The story of a rock odyssey that Alex and Hazel embark upon across the incredible crags of Namibia and South Africa


Amazing Train Journeys

Meeting people along the tracks and discovering new dreamlands, this is the DNA of this series which is constantly renewed, year after year, country after country.
47 x 52mins, 94 x 26mins

Around The World in 80 Tricks

Social influencers and magicians Magical Bones and Pete Heat travel to Europe and Asia to reveal a new and spectacular breed of street magic.

10 x 24mins

Around The World Without Money

Circumnavigating the globe in 80 days with no money… Crazy? Yes! Impossible? Let’s find out…

10 x 90mins, 20 x 26mins

Canada Untold

Documentary film that narrates a cross country expedition across Canada with the main aim to understand this beautiful and vast country.


Chasing Monsters

The series offers an exclusive look into the lives of big wave surfers as they
pursue the storms of the El Nino season while also navigating their personal lives.
10 x 48mins

Discovering Aegean Islands

Discover the spectacular Aegean Islands and different aspects that each island has to offer

4 x 26mins

Discovering Karpathos

While in Karpathos, you can experience the marvellous beaches, and all the riches the island has to offer.

2 x 26mins


Phil and Iva embark on an extraordinary adventure in search of ‘dreamcatchers’

27 x 26mins

Easter Island: Sculptors of the Pacific

Visit various archeological sites led by the greatest experts to reveal and understand the grandeur of the Rapa Nui know-how


Escape to Zanzibar

Explore the wonders of Zanzibar, practice watersports and diving in breathtaking environment,

2 x 26mins

Exploring Italy's Tyrrhenian Coasts

Discover the wonders of the Tyrrhenian coast. This area of Italy is full of marvelous landscapes and natural beauty,

4 x 26mins

Fukuoka: Holding the Past, Touching the Future

This stunning area is well known for its UNESCO sites, but less well known for its sporting pedigree.


Going Beyond

Going Beyond is wanderlust-filled hitchhiker Mariia Khandus’s new travel project. She’s journeyed around the world.

12 x 60mins

Indonesia from Below

This series showcases the top dive locations in Indonesia as well as up-and-coming places to jump in! 

5 s 30mins

Itinerarios al aire Madrid / Outdoor Itineraries

Everybody knows the Puerta del Sol clock, but few know which is the oldest clock in Madrid

20 x 22ins

Mysteries of China

Capturing one of the great archaeological events in modern times, telling the story of ancient China, the First Emperor, and the literal foundation of the China we know today.

Nuevo Mundo

Nuevo Mundo is a documentary series that explores mural painting and urban art as imaginarie

8 x 52mins

Out of Bounds: Mountain Adventure

Follow Olympian Torah Bright as she journeys through the world’s longest chain of mountain ranges extending from Antarctica all the way to Alaska.

Petra: Secrets of the Ancient Builders

In the south of Jordan, in the heart of the desert, lies the spectacular city of Petra. Built more than 2,000 years ago, it contains innumerable architectural treasures

Real Rail Adventures

The wonders of the Swiss Alps exhilarate travellers and mountain railways mesmerize. Majesty and machine meet in enchanting Switzerland.

4 x 56mins

Rivers to the Sea

The Mekong, the Mississippi, the Danube, the Parana… On every continent, there are mythical rivers, veritable invitations to head for the open sea.

16 x 52mins, 32 x 26mins

Romantic Road

Rupert and Jane take their battered 1930’s Rolls Royce across India


Running The World

Max and Benj Cave are two of the UK’s best free runners. They’re now keen to explore the world and put their incredible skills to the test.

12 x 24mins

Slovakia: Treasures in the Heart of Europe

Travel to the center of Europe and explore castles, mountains and unknown treasures


The Greatest Journeys on Earth

Investigating the history and progress of a skill, a means of expression, or a practical discovery that has become an integral part of economic life in a world-famous region.
12 x 26mins

The Longest Hole: Golfing Across Mongolia

Adam Rolston and Ron Rutland set out to play the world’s longest hole of golf ever played

Tracks Ahead

Tracks Ahead presents the best of steam locomotives, railroad stories, model trains, scenic rail journeys and art.

80 x 24mins

Travel with a Goat

Travel with a Goat sees two international influencers travel with a limited budget and limited means of communication in a country they have never been in.

5 x 44mins

Travel with Kids

An entertaining yet practical travel adventure series featuring two real-life kid brothers and their parents travelling to well known and off the tourist track destinations.
72 x 28mins

Traveling with Denella

Exciting destinations of the US Virgin Islands, Jamaica, New Orleans and Miami, while following new guidelines and protocols.

10 x 30mins

Treasures of Europe

This striking 4K series travels across Europe to reveal the most beautiful, interesting, unusual and authentic places.

15 x 52mins

Very Food Trip

A lively immersion into cuisine from the four corners of the world, as if you were right there!

16 x 26mins

Wind Masters

Of Croatia’s 3,600 miles of glimmering coastline, the most famous stretch is its southernmost region: the Dalmatian Coast,

10 x 26mins

World Capitals

Embark on a journey where together we explore incredible sights of the most famous capitals around the world.

100 x 3mins