48hrs: The London Film Project

Two teams of young film makers are followed in London. Is their creativity and team effort enough to make the winning film?


7 Days

A fairly simple task: go from A to B within 24 hours just to be in time for their next challenge!

7 x 48mins

A Mini Adventure

The adventure of a lifetime which started with a newspaper ad, brought three local men on a 14,000 mile odyssey


Access All Areas

Francesca Chiorando travels the globe to discover some of the world’s most challenging and terrifying places.

10 x 48mins

Around the World in 80 Tricks

Magical Bones and Pete Heat travel to Europe and Asia to reveal a new and spectacular breed of street magic.

10 x 24mins

Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures

Designed to ease a child’s transition from the home setting to a school environment.

24 x 30mins

Chad Daniels: Dad Chaniels

Minnesotan Chad Daniels is the most listened-to comedian you might not recognize from a photo.


Dracula: Excape the Castle

Dracula: Escape from the Castle is a blood-curdling game show involving skill, courage and trust

10 x 48mins


Phil and Iva embark on an extraordinary adventure in search of ‘dreamcatchers’

27 x 26mins


DRONERS follows top drone pilots as they discover racing and freestyling and explore the new technology shaping the future of drones.

5 x 24mins

Droners: Volcano Mission

A team of dare-devil Droners go on an epic mission to an active volcano to try and fly their drones inside a lava pit – all in the name of science.


Epic Exploring

Josh & Cody travel around the world in search of the most spectacular abandoned locations on the planet.

11 x 45mins

Epic Exploring: The Ultimate Bucket List

In a spectacular season finale, Josh and Cody’s top 20 locations are presented in a montage of the season’s highlights


Extraordinary Humans

Thom Hunt goes in search of people with genuine superpowers that push the known limits of the mind and body.

10 x 48mins, 10 x 24mins

Find Me A Classic

A skilled classic car expert, has five days to hunt down a great car within a fixed budget.

8 x 48mins

Ghost Chasers: Exploring the Other Side

Sometimes abandoned places are not as abandoned as they seem.

5 x 22mins

Graveyard Carz

The world is littered with the remains of forgotten muscle cars. At Graveyard Carz, some will get a second chance.

26 x 48mins

I Am Invincible

Explore the lives of the resilient veterans who are taking part in the 2020 Invictus Games

3 x 44mins

Living Stone

Six couples are dropped into the wilderness of Africa. Together they have to survive without luxury and comforts.

10 x 48mins

Montana Wild

The locals must learn to live a hard-knock life, making them genuine modern times Western pioneers.

6 x 52mins

Mr Mender & The Chummyjiggers

This bright and energetic preschool live action series features Mr Mender, the toy mender.

26 x 11mins

Never Too Late: The Doc Severinson Story

A musical icon traces his groundbreaking career and personal trials underscoring a life of inspiration and obsession.


No Time to Lose

Nine individuals compete during a trip across South Africa.

7 x 48mins

On the Run

One target, two chasers, 48 hours to get from A to B without getting caught.

12 x 48mins

People of Tomorrowland

This is a portrait of people who dare to go against the grain, a portrait of the People of Tomorrowland.

15 x 5mins

Power & Football

From London to Cambodia via Italy and Miami, this series profiles the players, fans and coaches kicking down the barriers.

6 x 11mins

Roads End

The daredevil duo have set themselves a challenge of a lifetime: to travel
across Argentina, 5000 miles, in just 20 days.

12 x 24mins

Science of Thrills

The world’s fastest theme park rides and how the rides affect the human body.

8 x 48mins

Secrets of the Brain

A scientific journey of remarkable experiments, bizarre medical conditions and stunning illustrations that reveal the inner workings of our mind.

10 x 48mins

Street Kings in Jail: The Ultimate Penalty

Edward van Gils is exploring why some street kings make it to the world stage, and others end up behind bars.


The Donkey King

A donkey named Mangu, a laborer, is the surprising Animal’s Choice and becomes their newly-elected king.


In this brand new reality knock out game, two teams need to run a straight line no matter what is in their way.

8 x 48mins

Ultimate Processes

A behind-the-scenes look at some of the most fascinating production techniques in the world.

10 x 48mins

Vini Vici: A Psytrance (R)Evolution

Enter the world of Psychedelic Trance as Israeli duo Vini Vici perform on the main stage of Tomorrowland.


Warriors for Wildlife

Get up close and personal with a group of International recruits as they tackle one of the toughest training courses on the planet

3 x 52 or 6 x 30