Empowered: The Climb

Empowered: The Climb

Empowered: The Climb

Empowered is about young women making a major impact serving in leadership positions in underrepresented industries. We are defining underrepresented where 15% or less of a given profession has women in key positions. Each episode focuses on one of the women — their journey, their hardships, their impact, and what they hope to achieve for future generations.

Suzanna Randall has always dreamt of becoming an astronaut ever since being amazed by a picture of one of the mars moons called Phobos, which she saw as a young girl. However, little did she realize what a long uphill battle this would become. In “The Climb” we follow Suzanna’s attempts to pursue her dream of becoming an astronaut only to fall short time and again. Odds have always been also stacked against her. While many women from the USA, Russia or Japan have seen their share of space, it is Germany that has yet to send its first female astronaut into space. With a privately funded space program, Claudia Kessler wanted to change that statistic and make history. While Suzanna manages to get selected as astronaut trainee on her second attempt, the journey is far from over. Their biggest hurdle is to secure financing to go to space but neither the German space agency nor the German government has yet given their support. However, this hasn’t stopped Suzanna, her colleague Insa Thiele-Eich, and Claudia.
Furthermore, if Suzanna has learned anything from her multiple setbacks, it’s not just the destination that counts but the journey to get there. This is a journey, which she knows will require patience and determination.
In this episode, we touch upon themes of determination, second chances, gender inequality. This episode follows the hopes and dreams of Suzanna destined to write the next chapter in space exploration.

Genre: Lifestyle, Women

Duration: 50mins

Format: 4K and HD

Rights: Inflight & Transportation – Worldwide

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