Travel with a Goat

Travel with a Goat

Travel with a Goat

Travel with a Goat sees two international influencers travel with a limited budget and limited means of communication in a country they have never been in.

While on the journey the influencers get to know one another, they will get acquainted with the country, its culture, the inhabitants and the local habits. This all sounds like an enviable adventure; but there’s one massive obstacle: While traveling from A to B they need to take care of a livestock animal.

The animal is destined to end up on their plate through a local butcher or a tribe in some cases, but how will they look at the animal during it’s last days and what does it do to their conscience?

Duration: 5 x 0:44:00

Year: 2018


  1. Goat
  2. Alpaca
  3.  Sheep
  4. Donkey
  5.  Pig

Rights: Inflight & Transportation – Worldwide

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