New from ATO: Secrets of Wild Flowers

New from ATO: Secrets of Wild Flowers

Secrets of Wild Flowers

Even if we do say that they have a «language», flowers do not talk. But they do delight us. And, if you know how to observe them, they can tell us all about the beauty of the Earth as well as the worries that our plundering and pollution entail.
How do they manage to survive in the most extreme climates and in spite of the deteriorations caused by human activities?
How can we explain their extraordinary ability to adapt?
How can we explain the diversity of shapes, colours, and behaviours?
How are they used?
What are their powers? Their secrets?
Imagined as a spectacular escape into six different landscapes, the series sets out to discover the most sublime, the most fragrant, and the most useful flowers, and invites you to fascinating encounters with those who live and work with wild flowers. An invitation to observe and learn. A moment of absolute wonder.

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