Foodland: Christmas and New Year Feasts

Foodland: Christmas and New Year Feasts

Foodland: Christmas and New Year Feasts

Discover dishes that are prepared for Christmas and the New Year in different parts of the world. Repeat the original recipe for Christmas and New Year dishes and plunge into the history and traditions of different countries.

Genre: Snackable, Food & Drink

Duration: 100 x 13mins


  1. Spain consomme, sangria and turron
  2. Traditional German Roasted Goose, mulled wine and gingerbread hearts
  3. Christmas turkey,Wassail and Christmas pudding
  4. Italy capitone, Panettone and White wine
  5. Soba noodles whith shrimp, Matcha and Kagami mochi
  6. Jiaozi, baijiu and Jelly from Osmanthus
  7. Æbleskiver “Pancake Puffs”, Meatballs and beer
  8. Julskinka, Risgrynsgröt, Punch
  9. Rabbit in Dutch, Advocaat and Oliebollen
  10. Kutia, Apple uzvar, The vinaigrette and Vareniki
  11. Vegetable stew, cabbage, lean cabbage rolls and Fried fish steaks with lemon
  12. Sauerkraut, Red cabbage salad, lecho and Baked apples with nuts
  13. Belgian Christmas wreath (kerstrans), Christmas sausage and wine
  14. Christmas rib, risgrot and Akevitt
  15. Bakalhau, Sonhos and very sweet port
  16. Fondue, berner haselnuss leckerli and White wine
  17. Goody, coddle and Guinness
  18. Christmas Carp, makowiec zawijany and compote of pears
  19. Lentil soup, vánočka and Becherovka
  20. Gobova juha, potica and vilyamovka
  21. Pörckölt and Turošičius, mulled wine and Szaloncukor
  22. Kinkku, Yolutortutut and dried fruits compote
  23. Borscht with ears, Sližiki (Kuchukai) and Poppy milk
  24. Chesnica, pechenitsa and slippery
  25. Sarmale, cozonac and palinka
  26. Blood Gnocchi, Kirju koer and Kaerakil
  27. Milanesa, Pasta Flora and mate
  28. Sweet pilaf, gata and red wine
  29. Tamale, Bunuelos and atole
  30. Steaks with bananas, anzac, rum
  31. Feijoada, Beijinho and lymad
  32. Stuffed turkey, pumpkin pie and egg-nog
  33. Wiener Schnitzel, zahera and coffee
  34. Dolma, baklava and Ovshala
  35. Duck with apples, kozuli and syita
  36. White mushroom soup, Сhunks and Cranberry jelly
  37. Roast pig, churchchely and chacha
  38. Pasta in creamy sauce, panettonе and spumante
  39. Banitsa, kapama and wine
  40. Artichokes with shrimp, vasilapita and wine
  41. Hamborgarahryggur, marens-kornflexkokur and malt
  42. Pupusas, Quesadillas and orchate
  43. Tricchat, cranberry liqueur and coca
  44. Chickpea with bacon, piparkūkas and beer with honey
  45. Schnitzel, ice cream cake and cocoa
  46. Staerzelen, croissants Fruit and berry liquor
  47. Imbuljuta, qaghaq ta’ l-ghasel and Кinnie
  48. Thirteen desserts, Pain de Natale and wine
  49. Ayam rica rica, Klapertart and Bajigur
  50. Fish cakes, challah and apple-honey cocktail
  51. Baeckeoffe, Buche de Noel and cruchon
  52. Bakalar, stonska torta and slivovice
  53. Avgolemono, Melomakarona and red wine
  54. Longganisa, Bibinka and beer
  55. Guinea fowl in salt, piri-piri sauce, cocada amarela and beer
  56. Braaivleis, Cornmeal Pap and fanta
  57. Boko Boko Harees, Date and Banana Mix and wine from bananas
  58. Jag jag, Christmas Puddin’ and rum
  59. Picana, Buñelos and Biblia
  60. Pan de jamon venezolano, chocolate cake and Ponche crema
  61. Soup Joumou, Pain Patate and Pineapple Nog
  62. Tamales colorados, Rellenitos de Platano and Tamarind Beverage
  63. Suaasat, akutak and kaffemik
  64. Tourtiere, Chicken Bones Candy and egg-nog
  65. Changgua, Natilla and Caspiroleta
  66. Ceviche, Budin and Rompope
  67. Lechon Asado, Pie with oranges and pumpkin and Champagne With Grapes
  68. Corn Cake, Pío V and fresco de arroz con piña Relleno de pavo, Arroz con leche and egg-nog
  69. Spinach & gorgonzola salad Sopa Paraguaya, Sweet bread and Tereré (mate)
  70. Sudado, Caramel-chocolate mousse cake and hot chocolate
  71. Meatballs, Saffron Buns and mulled wine
  72. Chivito, Pan Dulce and cider
  73. Three-Bean Christmas Chili, Pan de Pasqua and Cola de Mono
  74. Medallions of pork with peaches, Glazed bananas with rum and oxalic punch
  75. Natu, coconut cake and cava Sancocho de Siete Carnes, bizcocho mojadito cake and
  76. Oven Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Рavlova and Lemon & Paeroa
  77. Tikka-masala, Christmas Indian pudding and masala
  78. Akoho sy voanio, gudzunuzu and tea
  79. Ginger fish, cassava cake and yagona
  80. Pernil style roasted pork, Panna cotta and Canelazo
  81. Soup “Congo”, Yellow halva and Tomato hot drink
  82. Bhapa Puli Pitha, payesh and coconut water
  83. Fatta, Om Ali and Hushaf
  84. Riblja Chorba, the hibanate and rakia
  85. Indjera, Baytik and coffee
  86. Fufu, Tatale and Guanabana
  87. Kibbi Nayye, sfuf and ksara
  88. Stuffed pork with mushrooms, ration and Christmas liquor
  89. Kimchi, Christmas cake and soju
  90. Tukhum Barak, Captivate “christmas tree” and ayran
  91. Nyama choma, Mandazi and coffee liqueur
  92. Jasi, pomegranate sorbet and fresh
  93. Suja, fruit with ice and Malta
  94. Tikka samosa, sheer korma and Lassie
  95. Coquito, lechón asado and Tembleque
  96. Duck bobotie, Malva Pudding and Homemade beer
  97. Pastels, Trinidad Black Cake and Ginger beer

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