Extraordinary Humans

Extraordinary Humans

Extraordinary Humans

In this incredible series, biologist Thom Hunt goes in search of people with genuine superpowers that push the known limits of the mind and body. His quest is driven by his knowledge as a biologist: he knows what science says humans are capable of, but he truly believes they can achieve more.

In each episode of Extraordinary Humans, Thom goes in search of those who claim to have real superpowers and witnesses their abilities first-hand. He explores their world, meets their family, and tests the limits of ordinary humans, before trying to find an explanation for the extraordinary powers.

Duration: Series 1 – 10 x 0:48:00; Series 2 – 10 x 0:24:00

Year: 2018


Series 1 – The Beast Man/Hawk Eyes, Human Cat/Human Bat, Human Camel/Mega Arm, Fearless/Iron Chest, Super-Brain/Music Master, Human Megaphone/Human Toolbox, Snake Eye/Heatproof Man, Ice-Proof/Bullet Proof Man, Skull of Steel/Shock Proof, Human Airpump/Killer Deck

Series 2 – Tim Cridland, Ron White, Igor Zaripov, Scott Flansburg, Jerry Miculek, Dean Karnazes, Claudia Hughes, Tom Sietas, Anthony Kelly, George Alrich, 

Rights: Inflight & Transportation – Worldwide

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