12th Hour

12th Hour

12th Hour
Can humans solve the climate crisis? 12th Hour delves into humanity’s psychological resistance to ecological change, and why such changes are needed in order to avoid an irreversible cataclysm.
Much of our population currently lives with hopeful delusions about climate change. These delusions, many of which have developed naturally as part of human evolution, hamper our ability to meaningfully address a problem with the spatial and temporal scope of climate change. While our brains adapted to meet the immediate challenges encountered by threats to our short-term survival, the biological wiring for a long-term threat like climate change simply has not developed in equal measure. Is it possible for humanity to collectively bridge the gap between these modes of thinking?
Visionary thinkers and dozens of the brightest minds in academia, from evolutionary biologists to climate scientists to cognitive researchers and psychologists, lay out a compelling and unflinching look at mankind in relation to climate survival: our past, abilities, shortcomings, and what may very well be our final destination. If humanity has any hope to survive the changes that we have already locked into our climate, it is necessary to be honest with ourselves and our limitations. 12th Hour lays out our biases so that we may overcome them.

Genre: Documentary, Society, Our World, Environment

Duration: 52mins

Rights: Inflight & Transportation – Worldwide

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