The 1960s heyday of a legendary East End pub.

The Two Puddings pub on Stratford Broadway in London’s East End was famed for its rowdy camaraderie, its loud live music, its dancefloor the Devil’s Kitchen (possibly the UK’s first disco), and its occasional outbreaks of fighting.

A few miles from the swinging West End of the 1960s, the Two Puddings attracted customers from across the East End and beyond: workers from factories and offices, sportsmen, writers and musicians all drank and danced here.

The Two Puddings was the pub where the writer of “The Long Good Friday” got his inspiration; where bands including The Kinks and Screaming Lord Sutch played, David Essex gave his first public performance and The Small Faces rehearsed; where Harry Redknapp met his wife and Jackie Charlton celebrated his World Cup victory; and where Matt Johnson of ‘80s supergroup The The grew up.

A journey into another, less familiar side of ‘60s London.

Duration: 01:19:17  Air date: 22.07.2016


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