Wednesday, December 19th, 2018


Bandit and the Saints of Dogwood

Family Kids Movies
Lenna is just an average fifth grader at Dogwood Shores Elementary School. Average in every way, that is. And that’s exactly why she and her brainy best friend, Dalton, have come up with the perfect plan to show just how above average they can be. With the help of her furry best friend Australian Shepherd, Bandit, and a couple of their fellow fifth grade losers, Benji and Huggy, they plan to pull a prank on Principal McDougal on the last day of school…a monstrous feat that has never been accomplished by any student! However, during the night of their dastardly ...
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Designer Pups

Family Kids Movies
A young upcoming fashion designer, Stacy Leiman, gets a rude awakening when she fails to land an internship under one of the city’s biggest fashion designers, Michel. Thinking her dreams of making it as a fashion designer are lost, Stacy gets her big break when she runs into the movie actress, Chloe Martelle by accident. Stacy, along with her two fashion-forward pups, Coco (a Pomeranian) and Stella (a Chihuahua), “bark proof” Chloe’s dress before her big red carpet event. With their fashion expertise, Stella and Coco assist Stacy in choosing the best-looking prints and help design clothes for red carpet ...
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The Adventures of Scooter the Penguin

Family Kids Movies
Scooter is a unique little penguin with a special hidden talent. But he has nobody…until he meets a welcoming pair of young penguins who bring him into their family. It’s discovered that Scooter has phenomenal swimming speed, which is due to the fact that he’s from a mysterious lost tribe of penguins. But this places him in the center of attention, a position that makes him even lonelier. The rival school in the next village has a champion swimmer that Scooter ends up defeating and in doing so wins the hearts of his village with one added reward…a pretty little girl ...
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The Adventures of Coco Rabbit

Family Kids Movies
Join along as four friends Nutto, Memie, Kongga, Spike, and Coco Rabbit share adventures together in peaceful Melon Town. But how long will peace last when the friends get together and the mischief soon begins? Coco Rabbit is an enthusiastic and helpful little friend whose favorite food is a Chocolate Carrot…give him one of these and he’ll go to the “ends of the earth” for his friends…sometimes a little too far! Duration: 52 x 11mins Air date: 2010 Genre: 2D Children’s Animation For all licensing enquiries and screeners, please contact us at: This website contains material which is owned ...
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Adventures of Bailey: The Lost Puppy

Family Kids Movies
Bailey, an adorable golden retriever puppy is moving! On the road trip to their new home, the family makes a stop and mistakenly leaves Bailey behind. The mischievous playful pup sets out to find his family and stumbles across “Sharkarosa”, an exotic wildlife ranch. At the ranch, Bailey meets and is befriended by an assortment of animals, including a horse, camels, a zebra, buffaloes and “Puck”, the sheepdog, entrusted with running “Sharkarosa”. Will Bailey ever see his family again? Will he be left to work at the ranch until the “Cows Come Home”? Duration: 80mins Air date: 2010 Genre: Family ...
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Adventures of Bailey – The Christmas Hero

Family Kids Movies
It’s “Christmas time ” at the Baker household, and Bailey is at it again. Worried that he will not get any presents from Santa because he ‘s been a bad doggie, Bailey learns about a mysterious and handsome Native American Indian brave who may be able to make his Christmas wishes come true. With thoughts of tennis balls, stuffed animals and more dog bones than he can count, he sets out to find this legend in the woods, inadvertently dragging his brother along for the ride. But when Bailey’s misguided actions cause harm to Duke and even threaten their family’s ...
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Adventures of Bailey – A Night in Cowtown

Family Kids Movies
Bailey has settled into his new home in a ritzy part of town and has developed a crush on a female dog from the “other side of the fence.” When her brother is abruptly snatched, being mistaken for a rare and expensive dog breed, Bailey must spring into action to find him and prevent him from being sold at “the Exchange.” With his own brother Duke by his side, the hunt leads them to historic Cowtown, where chaos ensues as they face a multitude of obstacles in trying to rescue Pete, including longhorn steers, bumbling crooks and poker-playing pooches… not ...
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4 Angies: The Movie

Family Kids Movies
Peaceful Angel Town gets very exciting when four girls with very different personalities become close friends at school and form a special girls club. The girls are kept busy at school by the strict rules, guidelines, and everything else that goes along with a school girl’s life. One day they are all swept away by a storm to the Magical Blue Forest, a beautiful fairyland. The monarch of the fairies gives each girl the power of magic to help protect them from the Evil Spider Queen for their journey as they try to find their way back home to Angel ...
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