A Tall Order brings you a variety of short form programming.
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Animal Anarchists

Natural History series aimed at younger audiences who are interested in nature but perhaps turned off by the authoritative tone of popular NH output. We look at a variety of creatures and organisms that have adopted unusual survival strategies. This is the Natural World laid bare; it is ingenious, resourceful, ruthless, sometimes cruel but always amazing. The VO is wry, pithy, slightly mocking but in a knowing way that is always respectful. As above, the series will deliver in March ’17.

Duration: 20 x 3mins
Genre: Wildlife, Science

Know It All

Science series aimed at younger audiences who aren’t usually targeted/represented by traditional science programming. We have 5 episodes each on Physics, Maths, Chemistry and Biology and compliment the ‘hard’ science with entertaining, off-beat sequences that make the core message more digestible. The tone is energetic, passionate and slightly eccentric, with dynamic imagery and enthusiastic and engaging VO. Mostly GFX based but with plenty of supporting archive content.

Duration: 20 x 3mins
Genre: Science, Technology

Radio Vision

This is a continuing series of 90 second videos combining rare radio interviews and video montage. Using radio content as its foundation, we will make two distinct types of programme; Celebration and Witness. Celebration focusses on a well-known personality. Witness will focus on a well-known event. In both cases we will find unique and hitherto unused (in the archive sense) radio interviews that give an intimate and insightful perspective on the person or event in question.

Duration: 20 x 90seconds
Genre: Society, Icons

Skyrunner World Series

Skyrunning was founded in 1992 by Italian Mario Giacometti, President of the International Skyrunning Federation which sanctions the discipline worldwide and sports the tagline “Less cloud, More sky”.
The SWS was launched in 2004 and has grown to represent the peak of outdoor running defined by altitude and technicality.
In 2017, Migu Run becomes the title sponsor of the Migu Run Skyrunner World Series wich comprises of three categories, Sky Classic, Sky Extreme and Sky Ultra.

Duration: 5 x 13 mins
Genre: Extreme Sports
Episodes: Ultra SkyMarathon Madeira – 3rd June 2017, Olympus Marathon – 24 June 2017, Royal Ultra Skymarathon Gran Paradiso – 16 July 2017, Matterhorn Ultraks 46k – 26 August 2017, Salomon Ben Nevis Ultra – 16th September 2017