Roadways to Change

Roadways to Change

Roadways to Changes

This three-parter gives you the opportunity of meeting communities living in the wilderness that are about to undergo a real upheaval: the arrival of a roadway!
For some of these people, this strip of stone, earth or tarmac, will open the route to progress, development and change. For others, the road will lead to the disappearance of communities,
their habitats, their culture and their traditions…
Who is behind the construction of a roadway? How is it built, by whom and by what means?
From the south of China, to the African savannah, passing through the remote Himalayan Mountains, we’ll ask ourselves the same question: what will the arrival of a roadway bring to the locals? Will the roadway be a source of happiness or resentment, economic development or regression, stability or conflict?
These Roadways to Change are no «ordinary roads»! They will transform the established order of things, shaping the future for these people who live far from civilisation; digging out a new route, in one sole direction: that of modernisation!

Duration: 3 x 52mins

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