Rivers to the Sea

Rivers to the Sea

Rivers to the Sea

The Mekong, the Mississippi, the Danube, the Parana… On every continent, there are mythical rivers, veritable invitations to head for the open sea. They are the source of the greatest civilizations, a refuge for forgotten people, an economical and cultural lung, and fantastic ecosystems. Francois Pecheux heads down these rivers from their sources to their mouths, aiming to meet along the way the people who live on the riverbanks or on the water. They are fishermen, sailors or farmers, ancestral guardians or nomads. From the Amerindian communities who worship the Parana, “parent of the sea”, to the crocodile breeders on the Mekong, all have a story to tell about their river. Francois, a completely open-minded, inquiring adventurer, gets on anything that floats and is happy to stop over anytime, anywhere. In big cities, in the rapids, or on large deltas, using the river as his base, he visits heritage sites and amazing natural zones. From the nature reserve on the Danube straits that’s a home to a huge variety of birds and wild horses, to the Louisiana Bayous that mark the end of the Mississippi, there’s only ever one thing that’s certain: at the end, there’s the sea.

Genre: Travel

Duration: 16 x 0:52:00 or 32 x 0:26:00


Series 1: Parana, Danube, Mekong, Mississippi

Series 2: Amazon, Ganges, Magdalena, Rhine


English – Parana

French – Parana, Danube, Mekong, Mississippi, Amazon, Ganges, Magdalena, Rhine

Rights: Inflight & Transportation – Worldwide excl France

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