Pre-Order: Trump Almighty

Pre-Order: Trump Almighty

Trump Almighty

Since coming to power, Donald Trump has imposed his own pace, provocative style and agenda, and the world has experienced his four years in office at full throttle. Every day a new controversy crowds out the previous one, to the extent that it has been hard to grasp what is really at stake. What if the time had come to watch the film once again at a normal speed?

With his nostalgic slogan “Make America Great Again”, he seduced a forgotten America whose anger and fears he managed to capture, and dedicated his mandate to please this new nationalist, identity-based electorate. He took a protectionist and isolationist stance towards the world, setting a long-term trend for the years to come.

Four years later, in a country more divided than ever and in the context of a global pandemic, democracy seems to have lost all semblance of calm. The stakes of the upcoming elections are enormous: re-electing the billionaire would accentuate and entrench the transitions currently taking place in the United States. But, with Trump’s chaotic management of the COVID-19 situation, will he get reelected? Will the president be a digression in History, or will he usher in a profound and lasting transformation of American democracy?

In this new behind-the-scenes investigation into American politics, William Karel – acclaimed director of The World According to Bush and Barack Obama: Great Expectations – re-immerses us in four years of a term full of scandals and political crises by questioning all the major key witnesses of Trump’s presidency, former secretaries of state and advisors among the 60 members of his team who have quit their job, telling how confused they felt facing an out-of-control president.

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