Our partners

A Tall Order has partnered with the following companies to offer a wide range of content.
For all licensing enquiries, please contact us at info@atallorder.co.uk

Accelerate TV

ACCELERATE is the youth haven for the cool kids, creatives, doers, thinkers and everyone in between. We have built a reputation on being a consistent source of information and inspiration in the fashion, music and
entertainment culture of Nigeria/African, both on the continent and beyond.

Atlant Media Group

Our goal is the distribution and production of quality multi-platform 4K Ultra-HD (UHD) content to amaze viewers with realistic scenes and provide them with the opportunity to go beyond and truly feel what they watch. We produce content for the international market and distribute it all over the world.


Big Earth

Led by it’s founder and creative director Russ Malkin, Big Earth Productions is first and foremost a TV production company that takes on ambitious projects for clients around the world. From exotic expeditions to adrenalin pumping automotive adventures, Big Earth turns all of its commissions into fully packaged productions ready to be viewed by millions.


Bloomberg Media Distribution is a leading provider of global business and finance news, photos, video and data for more than 1,000 media outlets across more than 70 countries.
– Interviews and sound bites: On-air and behind-the-scenes interviews featuring the biggest names in business and financial news
– Packages: Regional and topical short-form videos on global business, technology, investing, politics, luxury, automotive, energy and features
– Long-form programming: Biography, interview and profile shows


Bouldercreek International

Boulder Creek International is a well-established and innovative boutique Production and Distribution company based in central London. Since they opened for business in 2007 the company and reputation has grown to specialise in two core areas, Post Production and Distribution. Their current catalogue represents over 1,500 hours of programming from around the world, as well as our in- house produced programming.

Globalive Media

Globalive Media is co-founded by venture capitalist and entrepreneur Anthony Lacavera and media executive and journalist Michael Bancroft. Some of the forward-thinking organizations we work with include #movethedial, PwC, Northeastern University and Dentons. Globalive Media produces the globally-broadcast television series Beyond Innovation, which delves into the most exciting technological innovations coming to market that can transform our world for the better.

Greenlight International

With offices in the UK, the USA and of course the Isle of Man, Greenlight International is made up of experienced broadcast individuals who are well-known faces at all the major TV marketing conferences and just as well-known to all the major broadcasters. Producing entertaining programmes all over the globe, Greenlight Television is made up of creative people, with decades of experience, who love what they do and it shows.

Icarus Sports

ICARUS Sports is the leading Media and Sports Marketing Company, dedicated to outdoor sports, including sailing, cycling, kiteboarding, windsurfing, surfing, trail running, triathlon, skiing, snowboarding, climbing, downhill MTB and much more.

Insight TV

Insight TV is the world’s leading 4K UHD channel, featuring action sports, lifestyle and entertainment shows.
We produce our own content, and as content creators, we are all about taking our viewers on an adventure. In all of our content, we focus on telling vivid stories about trending communities through global influencers.

Janson Media

Established in 1989, Janson Media is an independent media company based in New York, specializing in worldwide digital, television, VOD, DVD/video, non-theatrical, and educational distribution. The company has licensed content to virtually every country in the world, and its clients include major digital video platforms, broadcasters, and home-entertainment companies.

K2 Communications

Recognized as leaders in IMAX / Giant Screen documentary cinema, K2 Communications (K2) brings a wealth of success and experience in all aspects of production, global distribution and marketing. Additionally, K2’s distribution arm counts hundreds of hours of 4K/UHD content for non-theatrical distribution (including more than 80 Giant Screen films), and more than 100 films for museum cinema distribution to all types of specialty theatres — IMAX / Giant Screen, smaller digital 3D theatres, full dome, and 4D/attraction theatres.


KWANZA can rely on strong relations with many international broadcasters from around the world. As a result, our documentaries have a universal appeal, fabulous pictures, strong characters and effective storytelling. The company provides with a wide range of genres, including adventure and travel titles, nature and wildlife, ethnography and history, bold science and knowledge documentaries, as well as fascinating kids programs.
KWANZA programs regularly win major international festival awards, and are highly rated by the viewers and industry peers. Rapidly expanding, KWANZA distributes its own production worldwide, along with other international catalogues of world-class producers.

L7 Pictures

L7 Pictures is driven by a desire to excel. Our thirty years of experience in entertainment and production have allowed us to strive and be at the forefront of the industry.

We are passionate about what we do and take pride in all of our projects no matter how big or small. We fully immerse ourselves and make all efforts to create the best content for our clients and exceed their expectations.

Mariachiara Martina

Since 1995 we have been offering a consultancy service in the field of business communication and company training.
On request we provide fully integrated services and consultancy with respect to external communication, communication dynamics, and internal relations.
Mariachiara Martina Excellence in Communication is a TP associate, National Association Advertising Technicians, in quality of Advertising Professional, Integrated Communication.

Paramax Films

Paramax Films is a production company specialized in filming and distributing concerts showcased all around the world. We have more than 100 hours of jazz, pop, rock concerts in full HD with prestigious artists (Macy Gray, Maroon 5, Sly & Robbie, Justin Bieber, Will I am, Black Eyed Peas, 50 Cents etc). Paramax films is also a media company specialized in creating branded content. We create distinctive unions between brands (Swarovski, Mazda, Hyatt, Sony Ericsson, Tiffany), medias (Bloomberg, Vogue, SerieLimitee.fr), events (Baselworld, Fashion weeks, Cannes Films Festival, Monaco GP), and disruptive medias (Starwood Hotels, Decaux Airports TV, Air France TV, Cunard cruises).


Screenbound Pictures

Established in 2003 as Odeon Entertainment, the UK home entertainment division is now called Screenbound Pictures and continues to publish classic film, music and documentary titles – both physically and digitally. Screenbound Pictures is a vibrant production company in the music and documentary genre whose programming has been acquired by BBC, SKY, AETN, Entertainment One, Black Entertainment Television and many other international broadcasters.

Urban Home Entertainment

With a yearning to give new and talented filmmakers an opportunity to be seen and heard, UHE is a culturally diverse company specialising in movies, TV and musical programming.

Weststar Multimedia

WestStar Multimedia Entertainment is headquartered in a state of the art digital production facility in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. We produce programs that appeal to a wide variety of people from all walks of life. Our programs can be created to work on any platform. Webcasts, television shows, and podcasts can all be done under one roof.


Dynamic, irreverent, effervescent, welcome to YANGA! – a general entertainment destination giving voice to Africa’s thriving diaspora. Echoing the continent’s bold and beautiful style, YANGA! brings Africa’s energy with content featuring its best entertainers, comedians and musicians. As spicy and varied as the continent’s cuisine, YANGA! offers a taste of home with positive and inspirational stories to celebrate the cultural richness and pride of Africa and its people