New from ATO: William, The Conqueror

New from ATO: William, The Conqueror

Willam, The Conqueror

The year is 1066. William, the noble son of the late Duke of Normandy, embarks on a quest to invade medieval England in a quest to seize the rightful power of his homeland. Aided by his loyal men, a bloody battle ensues and William fights to fulfill his destiny and become the first Norman King of England. William the Conqueror.

William the Conqueror stars Tiésay Deshayes, Jean-Damien Détouillon, Dan Bronchinson, Geoffroy Lidvan, Eric Rulliat, Thomas Debaene, Pierrick Billard, and Marion Casablanca. The film was written and directed by Fabien Drugeon and Jonathan Perrut, and produced by Perrut and Anthony Houllier, for Pierre Richard Muller’s Artedis Films.

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