New from ATO: Very Food Trip

New from ATO: Very Food Trip

Very Food Trip

Discover what the world has to offer by eating in the homes of local people. This was the challenge taken up by Marine and Louis who travel the world, camera in hand, looking for culinary encounters, or to simply meet new people. From Vietnam to Cuba, through Jordan and Canada, each of the episodes is midway between a travel log and a culinary adventure. Thanks to their chance encounters on public transport or on markets, or by simply knocking on people’s doors, they eat their meals in the homes of locals. By showcasing each destination’s culinary traditions and expertise, food takes the two traveler-hosts on a journey. It provides a sincere and authentic illustration of their adventures. By sharing with them the special moment that a mealtime represents, the locals unveil a part of their daily lives, making food a gateway to the world. From learning to cook in people’s kitchens to tasting new and surprising foods, and above all making authentic and moving encounters, follow Marine and Louis on the first culinary world tour in the homes of locals. A lively immersion into cuisine from the four corners of the world, as if you were right there!

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