New from ATO: Montana Wild

New from ATO: Montana Wild

Montana Wild

The Far North of the United States features the magnificent, wild State of Montana. The locals must learn to live a hard-knock life, making them genuine modern times Western pioneers.

Follow their everyday adventures filled with the joys and pains of true characters accustomed to extreme situations.

Scott Olsen and his wife Susie live totally isolated in the mountain. The White family must protect their livestock from the attacks of relentless predators. Casey Kircher tracks down mountain lions with the help of his dogs. Rick Matzick is an outstanding hunter. Henry Hollenbeck wrestles steers with the sheer strength of his arms in the hopes of becoming a rodeo champion. Jenny Roddewig weathers violent storms to win dog sled races. And Scott Clarke is a trapper specialized in ice fishing.

This action-packed series will make you discover breathtaking landscapes and endearing heroes. In this hostile environment, they try to make the best of it thanks to their exceptional abilities. But above all, they fight to survive… alone against Montana.

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