New from ATO: Mark Our Place

New from ATO: Mark Our Place

Mark Our Place

This documentary has three heroes. All Irishmen, all rugby players who all played for the same club and who all were awarded the highest military honour, the Victoria Cross.

Why is this story important? The main reason is that this is a unique achievement, the likes of which we are unlikely to ever see again.

The other reason is because very few know about these three men. When they were awarded their Victoria Crosses Ireland was a split country. There were some who felt that to fight for the British meant you were pro British and anti Republican, so deeds on behalf of the British were not warmly celebrated.

Now with our military personnel being afforded the respect that they fully deserve, it is surely time for rugby and the world to acknowledge this unique achievement.

Only one in nine recipients of the Victoria Cross live to receive the medal, all three of these men survived the war to receive theirs.

What was it that made these three men so special, was it the rugby club their belonged to, Wanderers, was it their upbringing or was it the sport of rugby union?

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