Living Stone

Living Stone

Living Stone

Six couples are dropped into the wilderness of Africa. Together they have to survive without luxury and comforts.

They will travel the impressive landscape and encounter the animals wandering the wild. During their journey they have to search for food, interact with other couples, play challenging games, and survive together and sometimes, apart.

Their ultimate goal is to reach civilization: the beautiful town of Livingstone. But… only one couple will reach this goal!

Duration: 10 x 00:48:00

Year: 2018


  1. A Storm is Coming
  2.  It’s Just Too Much
  3.  Rain
  4. Intrusion of Strangers
  5.  Down to the Wire
  6.  The Nail in the Coffin
  7.  An Unexpected Turn
  8. This Is It
  9.  It Might Get Quite Bloody
  10.  Sit Back and Relax

Languages: Dutch, English, German, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

Rights: Inflight & Transportation – Worldwide

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