BBC Motion Gallery: Know It All

BBC Motion Gallery: Know It All

Know It All

Science series aimed at younger audiences who aren’t usually targeted/represented by traditional science programming. We have 5 episodes each on Physics, Maths, Chemistry and Biology and compliment the ‘hard’ science with entertaining, off-beat sequences that make the core message more digestible. The tone is energetic, passionate and slightly eccentric,
with dynamic imagery and enthusiastic and engaging VO. Mostly GFX based but with plenty of supporting archive content.

Genre: Science

Duration: 20 x 3mins

Why is the sky blue?
Can any animal survive space?
Why are plants so green?
How did the leopard get his spots?
Are bees colour blind?
Are hot springs magical?
How do fish glow in the dark?
Do giants like hexagons?
Can I have superhero vision?
Can slime think?
What makes chocolate so tasty?
Do bugs have lucky numbers?
What is over the rainbow?
What is so great about mould?
What makes bread rise?
Can plants count?
What does space sound like?
Could we do wtihout plankton?
What makes fireworks bang?
What is the most psychedelic veg?

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