Going Beyond

Going Beyond

Going Beyond

Going Beyond is wanderlust-filled hitchhiker Mariia Khandus’s new travel project. She’s journeyed around the world. Everybody knows that Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia are great places to relax with wonderful beaches and delicious fruits! But what do you know about the local people? The expats? About the real lives of those living in these exotic countries? In our trip, we will discover it all, together! We visit the non-touristy places and show you the real Indochina! This is a set of stories of different people, through the prism of whom we show life in a country. It is a collection of diverse achievements, experiences and emotions. We are looking for the most interesting stories for you to keep expanding your own consciousness. Unbelievable panoramic views, interesting people, exciting stories and adventures – you’ll see all of this in our travel show, Going Beyond!

Genre: Travel

Duration: 13 x 60mins

Episode 1: Bangkok, Thailand

We will visit the Kingdom of Thailand and -most importantly -the city of Bangkok. We’ll learn all about the authentic Thai massage, meet one of the most accomplished marathon runners in the world -who recently ran five thousand kilometers, see one of Bangkok’s landmark sights –the Grand Palace -located in the heart of the city, and learn some of the secrets of the most exotic cuisine in the world.

Episode 2: Bangkok, Thailand

We will visit the most incredible markets in Thailand. One of which is directly on the water … And the second -on the rails of a fully-operating railway! Discover a teak factory, where Thai craftsmen make the most expensive wood products in the world. And in the end we’ll ride on one of the biggest Ferris Wheels in Asia!

Episode 3: Koh-Chang, Thailand

We will get acquainted with the island of Kochang! Hitchhike in one of the biggest extreme-parks on the island and we’ll have a lot of fun! We’ll meet friendly elephants and take part in a photo session! Then we’ll have a look at one of the coolest Thai boxing clubs and practice there with the masters of the sport.

Episode 4: Pattaya, Thailand

We continue to explore Thailand and go to Pattaya. After, we visit the island of Chiang Mai! We stroll through a huge park and get acquainted with the rich history of NongNu-ch.We visit perhaps the only atelier of custom boxes in Thailand, spend an exciting day in the company of elephants, and go for a ride on motorbikes. In the evening, we try durian in the one of Thailand’s markets and get acquainted with local hippies.

Episode 5: Koh-Pangan, Thailand

We are moving forward in Thailand -our next stop is the famous island of Ko-Pangan! It is famous primarily due to its unbelievably beautiful beaches and wild parties. We’ll visit the most exclusive one. But there is something else that attracts sophisticated tourists -shamans! We’ll get acquainted with several of them and take part in some mysterious rituals! In the end, we’ll practice yoga in one of the largest schools in Thailand.

Episode 6: Hanoi, Vietnam

We will visit the most interesting places in the city and get acquainted with the expats who left their homes and settled in the capital of Vietnam! And also we’ll visit the museum of astronautics, and our guide will be the first and only astronaut of Vietnam.

Episode 7: Hanoi, Vietnam

We continue to explore Vietnam! Today we go to the suburb of Hanoi! Here in almost every small village there are folk craftsmen who specialize in unique productions! We learn how to make incense sticks (which are then sold all over the world), get acquainted with snake catchers, and visit an unusual festival for children in the Yoko settlement near Hanoi. Then, closer to the evening we’ll take a master class in Vietnamese cooking!

Episode 8: Kata, Vietnam

We are going deeper into Vietnam -to the island of Kata. There we’ll find gorgeous floating villages. We’ll learn about the lives of the villages’ inhabitants and taste their local dishes! We’ll try to swimming on the ice rink along the endless fascinating bays! We will visit a village which specializes in the production of pitchers and paintings

Episode 9: Hue, Vietnam

We’re going to the city where Hue, the last emperor of Vietnam ruled! Once, this city was the capital and a highly important metropolis. Now, it’s a city inhabited by some very talented craftsmen! We’ll visit a workshop where we’ll try to make some unique paper and get acquainted with the workshop’s owner! Then, we’ll take off and head for some new lessons, where we’ll learn about some unusual drawings. Then, we’ll learn how to make kites, just like the Vietnamese! We’ll also explore the cuisine of Hue, which has its own characteristics.

Episode 10: Danang, Vietnam

We are going to the central part of Vietnam, to the city of Danang. We’ll stay at a hotel built out of freight containers, visit a farm that grows huge lobsters, learn how to produce bicycles and even cars made out of bamboo! We will get acquainted with Vietnamese hospitality after visiting a local wedding! And in the end we will get to the festival of silk paintings!

Episode 11: Dalat, Muine

Our journey through Vietnam continues! We’re in the city of Dalat. It is a mountain resort with a lot of incredibly beautiful places and very interesting people! We’ll learn how to grow and cook one of the most expensive coffees in the world -KopyLuwak! We’ll get acquainted with the silkworms and visit the places where they produce! Take a stroll through the incredibly beautiful sand dunes and the red canyon of the city of Mui Ne! And we’ll explore the recipe for cooking one of the most popular sauces of Asia -fishsauce!

Episode 12: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

We are going south, to the heart of modern Vietnam, to its cultural and financial center and its largest city -Ho Chi Minh City. It is also known as Saigon. Here we’ll discover another Vietnam! We’ll get acquainted with the southern culture of the country -its traditions and cuisine! We’ll learn how to grow cocoa and how to prepare it correctly! We’ll also learn the skill of drawing batik from some of the best masters of Vietnam! Then, let’s explore Jojakarta! We’ll visit a street festival, visit the shadow theater, and of course we’ll see the most beautiful landscapes of southern Vietnam.

Episode 13: Indonesia

We continue our journey through Indo-China! The next point is Indonesia! We’ll go to the famous island of Bali, and we’ll find there much that the units know about! We’ll join some people on their big and beautiful, but very dangerous careers extracting sulfur! We’ll participate in the graffiti festival and find out what the Indonesian art of stone carving looks like! Then, let’s test our strength with the fighters of Silat! We’ll visit the salt mines! We’ll hang out on the island of Giliand ride on a homemade surfboard!

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