Friday, November 22nd, 2019


Classic Kids Movies Screenbound

Watership Down

This beautifully crafted cartoon based on Richard Adams’s bestseller about a colony of rabbits seeking somewhere safe to live, is an inspirational, serious-minded ...
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Classic Icons Movies Music Screenbound


Tommy Only Ken Russell could have done full cinematic justice to The Who’s psychedelic rock opera about a deaf, dumb and blind kid ...
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Action Adventure Classic Movies Screenbound

Biggles – Adventures in Time

The daring WWI flying ace takes on a dastardly Hun super-weapon and arch rival Eric von Stalhein, aided by Algy, Bertie and Ginger, ...
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Classic Drama Movies Screenbound

Where Angels Fear to Tread

Based upon E. M. Forster’s best-selling novel, this scintillating period drama follows a rich Edwardian widow (Helen Mirren) who marries a handsome Tuscan ...
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Adventure Classic Drama Kids Movies Screenbound

Lord of the Flies

Novelist William Golding’s fierce morality tale about schoolboys marooned on a desert island and reverting to religious savagery is given the larger than ...
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Classic Comedy Movies

Gregory’s Girl

Bill Forsyth’s second movie is an enchanting sweet comedy about a gangly, spotty 15-year-old Scottish schoolboy (John Gordon Sinclair) with a passion for ...
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Action Classic Movies Thriller

Who Dares Wins

The exploits of the SAS with their masks, machine guns and deadly efficiency, here gave British filmmakers the chance to reply in kind ...
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Classic Kids Movies Screenbound

The Water Babies

A star-studded, who’s who of British cinema features in this delightful tale of a young street urchin, Tom (Tommy Pender) who unwittingly helps ...
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Classic Kids Movies Screenbound

Treasure Island

Orson Welles himself stars as Long John Silver in this seldom-seen 1972 adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic tale of pirates and buried ...
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Classic Family Kids Movies Screenbound

Black Beauty

The original, unbeatable, 1971 family favourite starring Mark Lester! Joe, a little farm boy, grows up with his magnificent stallion Black Beauty – ...
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