Extreme Frontiers: Canada – Episode 3

Extreme Frontiers: Canada – Episode 3

 A Tall Order series: Extreme Frontiers

In this high-octane adventure travel series, a celebrity adventurer explores all the physical extremity that a single country can throw at them. From dizzying mountain ranges and merciless deserts to primeval forests and dangerous coastal waters. This is awe-inspiring, adrenalin-charged TV pushed to the very limit.

Series One, Canada: An epic 10,300 mile trip crossing each of the 10 Canadian Provinces, 2 Frontiers, 3 Oceans and 4 Extreme Frontiers from East to West. Taking trains through the mountains, canoes through river rapids and hand gliders through the skies, this was a thrilling ride through the world’s second largest country.

Duration: 00:53:00  Air date: 2013


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