Bloomberg Profiles

Bloomberg Profiles

Bloomberg Profiles: Rich Paul

How Rich Paul, fueled by LeBron, Built a Billion-Dollar Empire

Klutch Sports founder Rich Paul went from selling jerseys out of his trunk to representing the biggest names in sports. He’s changed how athletes view their careers while upending an industry.

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Bloomberg Profiles: Ritchie Torres

NYC’s First Black, Gay Congressman is Fueled by Poverty and Pragmatism

Ritchie Torres made history when he was elected to Congress, but he couldn’t have anticipated his first 100 days would be this historic.

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Bloomberg Profiles: Mindy Grossman

From Ralph Lauren to Oprah, Mindy Grossman Had a Plan

Working for entrepreneurial icons like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger taught Mindy Grossman to be a different sort of boss. Now she’s reimagining the former Weight Watchers – her biggest challenge yet.

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Bloomberg Profiles: Jerry Greenfield

The Tasty Tale of Ben & Jerry’s, As Told By Jerry

Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Jerry Greenfield helped grow a tiny neighborhood ice cream shop into a global megabrand, diving head-first into many controversial issues along the way.

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