Chasing the most outstanding beer delicacies in the world, the eccentric sommelier and author Conrad Seidl travels to 4 continents, 12 countries, and 30 cities where exceptional styles were invented or brewed to perfection. A treasure for beer enthusiasts, this documentary series takes us on a journey to extraordinary tasting experiences, ancient history, modern culture, and life-long friendships.

What brings more people together than beer? All around the world, the liquid gold gathers family, friends, and strangers. It’s deeply rooted in the culture of many nations, and the art of brewing has been practiced and perfected for thousands of years. Some of these old recipes are still around.

Over the last few years, the image of beer has changed from a cheap and wide-spread beverage for everyone to an exquisite drink similar to wine, mostly because of the trend to go back to the craft of brewing. Even hardcore wine enthusiasts can’t resist discovering new flavors and odors in rediscovered beer styles.

This 4-part series travels to Africa, China, Europe, and the United States, where some of the most interesting and even obscure beer styles have been invented or at least brewed to perfection.

Discovering knowledge and anecdotes, talking about the history of beer, and opening the audience’s mind for new sensorial experiences, this is a limited series, new and different, serving the millions of beer fans worldwide perfectly… and those to come. 

Genre: Food & Drink, Travel, Documentary

Duration: 4 x 52mins


1. Beer sommelier Conrad Seidl travels to countries like Germany, Belgium, China, and South Africa to sample different beer styles like Lagerbeer, Sorghum Beer, and Rice Wine. As some of them have been around for 5,000 years, it is a deep-dive into the earliest beer recipes that are still around today. Brewers from different continents talk about what beer means to them and how it changed their lives.

2. Conrad Seidl follows the traces of the late Michael Jackson. As a famous beer journalist and writer, he traveled the world and left his mark on hundreds of members of the beer community that are still around today and have stories about him to tell. Along the way, he samples extraordinary beer styles like Berliner Weisse in Germany, Cask Conditioned Ales in the UK, Stouts in Ireland, and Barrel-Aged Sour beers in Belgium.

3. The host Conrad Seidl travels the world to places where many famous beer styles originated. On a journey from small-batch brewing to the industrialization that made large-scale brewing possible, he samples beers like Gose, Wheat beer and Witbeer, Prager Dunkles and the traditional Lager beer from Munich He finds his way to the Czech Republic, Belgium, and Germany – where he also attends the famous Oktoberfest.

4. Conrad Seidl chases popular beer styles like India Pale Ale, Altbier, Porter, and Sourbeers in cities like London, Gdansk, Portland, Düsseldorf, and Seattle. He talks to brewmasters all over the world about the future of beer and some of the possibilities where it all might go: the styles that may develop and how consumer habits may change.

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