BBC Motion Gallery: Animal Anarchists

BBC Motion Gallery: Animal Anarchists

Animal Anarchists

Natural History series aimed at younger audiences who are interested in nature but perhaps turned off by the authoritative tone of popular NH output. We look at a variety of creatures and organisms that have adopted unusual survival strategies. This is the Natural World laid bare; it is ingenious, resourceful, ruthless, sometimes cruel but always amazing. The VO is wry, pithy, slightly mocking but in a knowing way that is always respectful.

Pearl Fish
Stalked Eye Flies
Bombardier Beetle
Sloth Moths
Cheese Mites
Bat Caves
Honey Pot Ants
Glow Worms
Parental Bug
Giant Leech
Cicada Wasp
Bioluminescent Beetles
Cone Snails
Carnivorous Caterpillars
Nazca Booby
Elephant Yam
Tadpole Wasps
Pitcher Plants

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