Amazing Train Journeys

Amazing Train Journeys

Amazing Train Journeys

Meeting people along the tracks and discovering new dreamlands, this is the DNA of this series which is constantly renewed, year after year, country after country.
By choosing the train as a vector of travel, we choose to take time to discover, to dream … and to meet with colorful people. Philippe Gougler, our traveler-witness, is firmly convinced that without the human encounter, there is no travel. In each country, train is the perfect place to share the lives of ordinary yet unique passengers.
From the Shinkansen commuters to the Sri Lanka mail sorting team, Philippe meets with local people and by doing so, renders their depth, singularity and humanity. Between two train trips, we will stop over and discover the most significant heritage and historical sites of a country.
From Scotland to Tanzania, through Morocco and Brazil, each film is thought and shot like a unique piece, a reflection of a singular journey in the heart and soul of a dreamlike civilization.
Amazing Train Journeys is a unique program combining authenticity, generosity and discovery of a world we know little about and that we finally take time to understand.

Genre: Travel

Duration: 47 x 52mins, 94 x 26mins

Rights: Inflight & Transportation – Worldwide excl France


French – All Episodes

Castillian Spanish – Mongolia, Italy, South Korea, Sweden, Zambia, Chile, Finland, Indonesia, Russia, Switzerland 

Italian – Chile, Finland, Indonesia, Italy, Russia Switzerland

Russian – Chile

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