Thursday, March 22nd, 2018


The Hot Potato

Comedy Movies Power Entertainment Thriller
London’s East End, 1969: Our heroes Kenny and Danny come into possession of a mysterious box which turns out to contain a large lump of weapons grade Uranium – a true Hot Potato! Initially unaware of The Hot Potato’s true value they very quickly realise the danger they’ve been exposed to. Ably assisted by Danny’s girlfriend, the beautiful Carole (Lois Winstone) and shadowed at every turn by the unshakeable criminal Harry (Colm Meaney), Kenny and Danny reluctantly embark on a quest to offload the potato to the highest bidder. Taking them on an epic journey that criss-crosses Europe, and into ...
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Blood Money

Movies Power Entertainment Thriller
Zheng Zhou is the most feared warrior from the Shaolin Dynasty in China. His fighting and weapons skills are legendary. But when his parents are killed and sister kidnapped, he turns to a life of drugs and crime that almost costs him his life. With the help of Hong Kong’s notorious Dragon Triad syndicate, Colombia’s biggest drugs cartel hatches an elaborate plan to traffic two tonnes of crack cocaine through the Port of Miami in America and ultimately into Australia and China. But when the partnership turns sour after the Cartel holds a Triad family member hostage, the Triads recruit Zhou ...
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7 Below

Movies Power Entertainment Thriller
When their shuttle bus crashes in the Sierra Mountains, two brothers along with four strangers find themselves marooned in the midst of a thunder storm with sudden death staring them in the face. Before long, they are rescued by a mysterious man who invites everyone to take shelter at his log-house nestled in the barren woods. Here they will stay until the storm subsides, but the house has its own plan for its new guests… the vengeful spirits inside want blood shed. Duration: 1 x 120mins Air date: 2012 Format: HD 16:9 Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Crime For all licensing enquiries ...
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XIII: The Conspiracy

Mini Series Power Entertainment
This adrenalin charged event mini series begins dramatically as the first female US President is shot dead by a sniper during her Independence Day speech. Three months later, a wounded man is washed up on a beach with no memory of his identity. The only clue is a tattoo on his neck, ‘XIII’. Could his lightning reflexes and killer instincts betray him as the presidential assassin that the US is desperately searching for? Submerged in a far-reaching conspiracy which threatens to overthrow the entire government, XIII’s identity becomes the key to unravelling a complex and dangerous truth that will shock ...
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The Diplomat

Mini Series Power Entertainment
British diplomat Ian Porter (Dougray Scott) is apprehended at Heathrow airport in possession of 20 kilos of heroin. Porter’s unwillingness to co-operate leaves Scotland Yard Inspector Julie Hales (Rachael Blake) believing he is doing business with Russian arms and drugs trafficker Sergei Krousov (Don Hany). Unaware that Krousov has intentions to sell a suitcase bomb, Scotland Yard offers to cut Porter a deal to turn on Krousov. In return, they’ll grant him immunity from prosecution and entry into their International Witness Protection Scheme. Chief Inspector Hales accompanies Porter and his wife (Claire Forlani) to Sydney, where chameleon Porter believes his ...
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Mini Series Power Entertainment
Maverick academic and soviet historian Fluke Kelso (Daniel Craig – Layer Cake, Road to Perdition), is expecting to leave Russia for good. That is, until a surprise visit from Papu Rapava, a former NKVD officer, reveals some information that could lead him to uncover one of Russia’s most closely guarded and unimaginable, national secrets. Rapava, one time bodyguard to Beria, Stalin’s Chief of Police, claims to have buried Stalin’s secret notebook on the night of his death, in the grounds of Beria’s house, where it still lies today. When the old man disappears, later found murdered, Kelso is convinced there ...
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