Thursday, March 22nd, 2018


The Circus

Adventure Movies Power Entertainment
The Circus tells the story of Sara, a young girl who is enchanted by a circus that arrives in her small hometown. Enthralled with the idea of adventure, Sara forms a close bond with the circus’ main attraction, Africa the elephant. The small community is ruled with an iron fist by Sara’s father, the strict Tomas who’s wary attitude to the circus is instilled in the community. Despite his fiery warnings, gradually the locals warm to their new neighbours, especially after Africa, the circus elephant, helps rescue a group of trapped tin miners. After a lifetime trapped by her father’s ...
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The Virgin Queen

Mini Series Power Entertainment
Vulnerable and imperious, passionate and unreachable, from teenage princess to accomplished queen, forever torn between duty and personal longing, the reign of Elizabeth I is exposed in lavish and spectacular style. Imprisoned in the Tower of London by her half-sister Queen Mary (BAFTA nominee Joanne Whalley, Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis), scared but determined the young Elizabeth (Anne Marie Duff, Shameless, The Magdalane Sisters) fights for her life and for what she believes, as the protestant daughter of Henry VIII, is rightfully hers – England’s throne. After Mary’s death, Elizabeth plunges into her role as queen, discovering the harsh realities of ...
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To the Ends of the Earth

Mini Series Power Entertainment
Embark on an epic journey of ruthless ambition, elusive love, and tragic misadventure, based on the award-winning sea trilogy by Nobel Laureate William Golding (Lord of the Flies). At the dawn of the 19th century, Edmund Talbot (Benedict Cumberbatch, Tipping the Velvet), a young, ambitious, and possessive young British aristocrat, takes passage for Australia where he is to be an official in the colonial government. Joined by fellow passengers from diverse backgrounds, this microcosm of society sets out on the journey of a lifetime in a beleaguered Royal Navy man-o-war, now converted to transporting cargo and passengers on the treacherous ...
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New Worlds

Mini Series Power Entertainment
A lavish new drama mini-series set in England and America in the 1680s. From the same Producers as the award winning The Devil’s Mistress (also available from Power), Elizabeth I and The White Queen. Starring Fifty Shades of Grey/The Fall’s Jamie Dornan, The White Queen’s Freya Mavor, Game of Thrones’ Joe Dempsie, Nurse Jackie’s Eve Best, The Tudors/Gosford Park’s Jeremy Northam and Beautiful Creatures’ Alice Englert. New Worlds is a powerful drama of love, courage, sacrifice and the struggle for liberty and justice. It is the 1680s. In the turbulent aftermath of the English Civil War, King Charles II’s tyrannical ...
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The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant

Mini Series Power Entertainment
In the late eighteenth century, thousands of convicts were transported to the British penal colony of Botany Bay in Australia. Only one of them was brave enough to ever spearhead a successful escape. This is her inspiring true story. England, 1786. Impoverished twenty-one-year-old Mary (Romola Garai, Vanity Fair) is no stranger to the criminal underclass—or the necessary risks one must take to break free from it. Arrested for petty theft, Mary is dispatched—with hundreds of hardcore convicts—to carry out a sentence in a new penal colony in Australia’s primitive Botany Bay. Embarking on a two-hundred-and-fifty-one-day journey by prison ship, Mary ...
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Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

Mini Series Power Entertainment
Raised in the sanctuary of the French court, far from the dangers of her own country, nineteen-year-old Mary returns to her homeland of Scotland at the news of her mother’s death—and to rule as its queen. Possessing charm, beauty, and grace, the precocious Mary Queen of Scots (Clémence Poésy, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) must now explore her untapped abilities as a formidable Catholic ruler of a lawless land. But powerful forces are already poised to defeat her—not least of which is her own arrogant, jealous husband Lord Darnley (Paul Nicholls, EastEnders) and her politically ambitious half-brother Lord ...
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The Devil’s Mistress

Mini Series Power Entertainment
In this dramatic tale of intrigue and lust we follow the trials and tribulations of the manipulative Angelica Fanshawe (Andrea Riseborough – Happy-Go-Lucky, Party Animals) as she exploits a country in crisis in a bid to better her own position. Set against the backdrop of the English Civil War, Angelica abandons her loyalties to the Royal Family following the execution of her childhood sweetheart and first husband, Harry Fanshawe. Destitute, Angelica finds herself on the wrong side of the law, suddenly embroiled in murder and misadventure in a bitter struggle for survival. Fortune smiles on her once again in her ...
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Mini Series Power Entertainment
Casanova (David Tennant – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Bright Young Things) takes us from the decadent streets of the 18th Century Venice to the salons of pre-revolution Paris, and on to the London courts of George III, until a trip to Naples finally breaks Casanova’s heart. In the Age of Reason and Science, gambling and gallantries, of pleasure and entertainment, Casanova has it all, does it all. In turn he is a violinist, a priest, a gambler, a lottery director and intellectual. He is both peasant and nobleman, rich and poor. But he is one thing above ...
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