Thursday, March 22nd, 2018


The Little Ponderosa Zoo

Engine 15 Family Kids Movies
The Little Ponderosa Zoo is an uplifting and light hearted family film. The animal loving Freeman family opened the zoo after sharing their own home with the many animals they had rescued through the years. Whilst preparing for their upcoming fundraising festival, the local bank owner discovers some dusty old documents in the basement of his bank that show that the zoo is sitting on a gold mine. He finds the perfect opportunity to hatch a dangerous plan to close the zoo forever and get his hands on the gold! What will happen to the Little Ponderosa Zoo and to ...
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What Colour is Your Dog?

Bouldercreek Science
So your dog is in a blue mood? Is your pooch seeing red? Hollywood dog trainer and Animal Planet’s Good Dog U host, Joel Silverman, presents his ground-breaking colour-coding technique, developed over his thirty-year career training dogs for him, TV, and commercials. By determining the personality or colour of an owner’s dog, he is able to recognize and then enhance that dog’s behaviour, and help owners get their canine relationships back on track. Duration: 52 x 30mins  2014   Trailer: For all licensing enquiries and screener, please contact us at: ...
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