Sunday, May 27th, 2018


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Sea of Lies

Sea of Lies Julia wants to save her marriage with Tony and ends her affair with Mathew so she and Tony can take ...
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Action Classic Movies Thriller

Who Dares Wins

The exploits of the SAS with their masks, machine guns and deadly efficiency, here gave British filmmakers the chance to reply in kind ...
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Comedy Movies Power Entertainment Thriller

The Hot Potato

London’s East End, 1969: Our heroes Kenny and Danny come into possession of a mysterious box which turns out to contain a large ...
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Movies Power Entertainment Thriller

Blood Money

Zheng Zhou is the most feared warrior from the Shaolin Dynasty in China. His fighting and weapons skills are legendary. But when his ...
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Movies Power Entertainment Thriller

7 Below

When their shuttle bus crashes in the Sierra Mountains, two brothers along with four strangers find themselves marooned in the midst of a ...
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